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jera - communionism rune
About communionism
JERA- communionism rune

This is a project for the post-capitalist world, called communionism!

Communionism is not Communism!

The Communionism is a social system founded on the common house,  the common market and the common laws. This development is normal for human society.
communionismThe classical political doctrines have disappeared, we assist to the dilution and the anomie of states. The globalization, the latest invention of capitalism, was that which precipitated the collapse of capitalism, replacing the freedom of economic decision with the group interest, established by a financial-political group named the global master. This construction is the globalized communionism.
We must build the new society on the values of humanism, the human rights, the family rights, the nation (community) rights, the nature rights and the future rights. Humanism ask protection and harmony.
The society we need is the humanist communionism.
This site is intended for building the new society, the humanist communionism!

Manifest - Will be revolution!

Manifest - Va fi revolutie!

(the presentation is part of my book – Manifest – Will be revolution! )
Please see the movie presentation:

“The world crisis, the twilight of capitalism and the new era.”
, or two parts on youtube, see down.

Mircea Batranu

The year 2010 marked the deepening world crisis on a social domain  and  the appearance of holes in the ground (Guatemala, Germany) on the scientific domain!
During the coming year 2011 will increase these phenomena! In addition, the year 2011 will mark the great discovery on the scientific knowledge about the Earth!


  1. NASA – will become the first world’s news agency. Few know that the main activity of the NASA is monitoring and research the Earth, although declarative they say: “NASA’s mission is to pioneer the future in space exploration, scientific discovery and Aeronautics Research.” During 2010, NASA tested the impact of their communiques on media (black hole, anaerobic bacteria and life in extreme conditions). These communiques was not very important for the people but  amid social instability in the world, their impact has become considerable, with an exceptional audience share. It was the test for what will follow in the next years, 2011 and 2012. I wrote about the media test of NASA in my post:
    NASA, the black hole and the media test of audience!
    The Schumann resonance study will lead NASA to communicate to the world that “the ionic belt of the Earth, called ionosphere” has a biological  magnitude attached to the electric component! This dimension of structure is still unsubstantiated scientifically but it has a massive influence on life on Earth! NASA will increasingly communicate more in the field of biology and life on Earth! On these issues I will return to my  blog Futurism – Futurology – Neofuturism
  2. Russia – The world crisis will hit massive Russia. The world crisis will create panic, social unrest and collapse of funds and budgets in Europe and they will create a channel for pressure on Russia. The global crisis accompanied by economic and financial speculators will hit in the heart of financial-economical of Russia and will determine to radical action by the Medvedev-Putin government! Russia remains among the few countries that allow their isolation and existence only through their own production. To cope with serious social problems and the imbalance of money, Russia will reform the financial system by internal decision!
  3. EURO crisis – Europe will squirm in matters related to budget deficits and especially about the survival of the Euro! Germany’s efforts will lead to the imposition of drastic measures for EU members that do not follow the rules. The prices will become unstable due to higher variable costs of energy supplied by Russia. The economic and technical assistance by European Union (especially from Germany)  to others European members, will expand having a massive social component, trying  to stop the economic collapse (all European southern chain from Portugal to Romania plus Ireland). Union’s budget deficit will become intolerable and will set up financial monitoring and even control the EU’s decision in some countries!
  4. gaura din guatemalaHoles in the ground – this phenomenon (in 2010 in Guatemala and Germany) will expand on the Earth’s surface and will lead to analysis and research to find out their connection with geological structure, groundwater and surface waters, with biotope and especially human habitat. NASA will obtain the right to communicate to media the results of research and provide the elements that will build new theory of the Earth. Step by step we will shape and strengthen the Earth rights and this theory will lead the massive habitat changes. I await the appearance of holes in Canada, Russia and Australia.
  5. The Conference about World Crisis – under pressure from the global crisis, economic and financial powers at the request of groups of experts and academic institutions, will take the initiative of a global conference about the world crisis and to find a solution for overcoming the impasse. May be under UN auspices. Here, the experts will ask the global debt cancellation as the only chance to reboot the global economy.

These five events will be among those which will mark the year 2011. My forecast is based on events in recent years and the evolution of society.

In the near or distant future, I know that it will produce dramas on local or global scale! Will be a nuclear explosion in a city, will be a catastrophe when a tectonics break will appear on the Earth’s crust and part of the land will swallow, that one unknown atmospheric phenomenon  will cause the condensation which will cancellation the flight for a long time, a genetic mutation will cause human insensitivity to changes in heat and many others. But I can not say when it will take place this! I’m not a witch, I’m a futurologist!



I am working now for editing two books on the theme of society tomorrow, after capitalism:

  1. In The economic theory of Communionism I will present the “engine” of the new economic and social system. This is called INTEREST and it will replace the engine of capitalism, called CAPITAL. I presented a preface of this theory in my blog Manifest-Will be revolution, in the chapters:
  2. or the presentations Manifest-Will be revolution!(video and pps)

  3. The Communionism and society, which will present major structural changes in society, changes caused by global revolution and the adoption of the new values, Common House, Common Market and Common Laws! On my blog Manifest-Will be revolution, I provides a preliminary overview in the chapters:

Fragments of the two papers will be published on the communionism’s blog!