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About Communionism

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jera - communionism rune
About communionism
JERA- communionism rune

This is a project for the post-capitalist world, called communionism!

Communionism is not Communism!

The Communionism is a social system founded on the common house,  the common market and the common laws. This development is normal for human society.
communionismThe classical political doctrines have disappeared, we assist to the dilution and the anomie of states. The globalization, the latest invention of capitalism, was that which precipitated the collapse of capitalism, replacing the freedom of economic decision with the group interest, established by a financial-political group named the global master. This construction is the globalized communionism.
We must build the new society on the values of humanism, the human rights, the family rights, the nation (community) rights, the nature rights and the future rights. Humanism ask protection and harmony.
The society we need is the humanist communionism.
This site is intended for building the new society, the humanist communionism!

Manifest - Will be revolution!

Manifest - Va fi revolutie!

(the presentation is part of my book – Manifest – Will be revolution! )
Please see the movie presentation:

“The world crisis, the twilight of capitalism and the new era.”
, or two parts on youtube, see down.

Mircea Batranu

The global crisis is a system crisis. This is the twilight of capitalism. Will be revolution. The latest invention of capitalism, the Globalisation,has hastened its collapse. The world is blocked, the classical political doctrines have disappeared. The heart of capitalism, the money (the capital) collapsed and the mechanism of the capitalism, the freedom to invest the capital was blocked. The states, the governments, lose their representativeness, become abnormal, lose the power. The new era will be the communionism. This is not communism. The communionism is a system founded to commune house, market and laws. We must choose between Globalization and Humanism. The humanist communionism means humanism and harmony. This is the future.