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World, wake up! Obama made the first step!
Congratulation Obama!

As I had written two years ago (2008) on my blog Attitude-Will be revolution:
“The world crisis is a system crisis and it means the twilight of capitalism. The new era is the communionism and this means the common house, the common market and the common laws.
The capitalism is blocked and the world needs a jump, a revolution!

Please see my presentation on youtube “The world crisis, the twilight of capitalism and the new era”:
part I

and part II

In the second movie part, I presented the two ways for revolution:
The first way is the velvet revolution (an office revolution or government revolution) and means the change of the states and the change of the world system! The United States made this first step to the new era, the Reform of American Health Care System.
The second way is the social revolution!
Attention to Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, China, India!
I consider that the one of the most important event in 2009 was
“The US reform, begun by President Obama with the US
Take a look at the United States!
This was the first step in the velvet revolution! It cost 900 billion usd!
My estimate total cost of crisis is more to 40000 billion usd.
The next step is the financial-bank system reform!
Congratulation Obama and good luck!
We are here, in Romania, out of the world!!!


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2009-Remember: World events

The two thousand nine year, as any year, brought joys and sorrows, successes and failures, loss of world personalities.
I considered these three events who marked the world:

1. The death of Michael Jackson. He was an artist, one that has produced the worldwide socialization of the liberating spirit by his music and dance. For that, he was loved. In the markets and other public places, thousands of people around the globe have danced “in memoriam” in a timing generated by music and dancing to Michael.

2. The US reform, begun by President Obama with  the US Government is the most comprehensive reform of the United States in their history. The world’s eyes are glued to what is done in US.  The analysis from the American institutions, showed that is need to have produce a “velvet revolution” in global society. We need to change the world system. This mean the huge financial and human resources.
The president is accused of socialism and communism politics, but what is built is a new world, called communionism, a system that has a concept about the common house, the common market and the common laws. EU follows U.S. initiative.
The Communionism is not Communism.

3. Conference in Copenhagen (Home – COP15 United Nations Climate Change Conference Copenhagen 2009)
It was a highly publicized event. The main reason is given by the huge funds involved. The global warming is a total lie. The global warming is the biggest business after the oil crisis of 1973. I have presented in other articles, the accurate term is “the zonal heating”, a normal phenomenon in the dynamics of atmosphere. Now, Kyoto Protocol expire. Another agreement mean other funds, a great deal for the globalization adepts.

Mircea Batranu-30dec-2009